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Wrongful Death


When a person dies because of the negligence of another person or entity (like a car manufacturer), it is not only that person who has been harmed.  Often, the victim's family suffers more than anyone, both emotionally and financially.  This is especially true where the victim was the "bread winner" of the family and was responsible for making sure the family was financially secure.  The family not only has to deal with the pain of losing a loved one, in the blink of an eye it has to figure out how it will now pay the mortgage, buy food and keep the children in school, to name a few things.

The term "Wrongful Death" comes from statutes that have been created in virtually every state which allow the survivors (generally, the family of the victim) to recover for harm that the death has done to their lives.  

We know how difficult this situation can be.  Our first priority is helping a victim's family get back up on its feet.  If a loved one has passed away because of the negligence of someone else, contact us as soon as possible at 215-575-7624, or submit your case using our online form.


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