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Recent News and Selected Cases

Medical Malpractice Case Settled for $1.7 Million While Jury Deliberates


While the facts of the case are confidential, the injuries caused by medical error were significant.  Following a trial which lasted a week and a half, the case was settled while the jury was deliberating.

Construction Case Resolved for Nearly $1 Million

An installer was seriously injured on a work site on private property due to the negligence of a property owner.  After several years of litigation, RLF obtained a sizeable settlement of nearly $1,000,000. The details of the settlement are confidential.

With $550,000 Settlement Just Weeks Before Trial, Dangerous Property Case Comes to a Close After Two Years of Litigation


Dominik Rostocki, Esq., has settled a complicated case involving a truck driver who fell approximately 8 feet off of a dark, dangerous bridge while picking up a load on Defendants' property. The case involved complicated venue issues and three defendant corporations which all claimed that the fall did not occur on their property.

RLF Wins Appeal in Nursing Home Neglect Case

RLF appealed a trial court's entry of judgment in a nursing home neglect case on several issues, including punitive damages.  After extensive briefing and argument, the appellate court reversed the trial court's decision as to all issues in a published opinion and remanded for further proceedings.  RLF resolved the matter for a substantial sum thereafter.

Jury Verdict: RLF Wins Dangerous Property Case

A jury returned a significant verdict against a property owner who failed to fix a defect in the sidewalk adjacent to his property.  A young mother tripped on the defect and fell hard while walking her children to school, suffering broken bones and permanent injuries.  When the defendant refused to settle, RLF litigated the case, obtaining a substantial jury verdict.


Dangerous Property Case Litigated by The Rostocki Law Firm Yields $175,000 Result



A grandmother who worked to support her daughter and grandchildren was hurt in a large furniture factory when she fell on debris that had been carelessly left on the floor.  Instead of treating her fairly, the owner of the company, who knew that she had very limited financial resources to fight back, began sending her threatening communications in an attempt to scare her.  With nowhere else to turn, she brought the case to RLF. RLF immediately took the case, contacted the police to stop the threats, and filed suit.  After more than a year of fighting, RLF forced the company to pay $175,000 for its actions.


RLF Secures $180,000 for Client After Leg is Crushed During Segway Tour


The Rostocki Law Firm represented a successful businessman who was injured during a riding tour of Philadelphia when a Segway ran over and crushed his foot, breaking many of the bones and causing permanent damage.  After the company ignored the client, whose medical bills were growing daily, RLF filed suit against the company and fought until the case was resolved for $180,000.


Polish Man Suffers Brain Injuries; Internal Bleeding; Broken Bones in Car Crash 


A man was severely injured when the driver of the car in which he was a passenger slammed the car into a telephone pole while intoxicated. The car burst into flames. Fortunately emergency personnel were able to douse the flames before they engulfed the car. After being Life-Flighted by helicopter to a hospital, the firm’s client received extensive treatment for his injuries. Because he spoke only Polish, he could not communicate with hospital personnel without a translator. When he was released from the hospital, the man came to Dominik Rostocki, Esq. to prosecute his case. Mr. Rostocki, who is fluent in Polish, bridged the communication gap and was able to discuss the details of the case with him in Polish.  Mr. Rostocki took the case and obtained a favorable settlement within months.

RLF Wins Settlement of $83,000 After Polish Woman Trips on Carelessly Repaired Trolley Rail in Philadelphia


A woman who spoke only Polish fell on a negligently-repaired trolley rail and fell face-first into a curb.  She received extensive stitching and was left with a large scar on her face.  She came to RLF because she was able to speak with Mr. Rostocki in her native language.  RLF took the case and won a singificant setlement.


Plaintiff's Verdict: Rostocki Law Firm Wins Premises Liability Case

During a party in Philadelphia, a young lady slipped and fell on an unknown substance on the floor while she was dancing, breaking a bone in her foot. After the venue owner rudely told her that she would never win a case against him, she had thousands of dollars in unpaid  medical bills and nowhere to turn. After reading about Dominik Rostocki in a newspaper, the young lady came to RLF, and RLF took the case.  After months of litigation, the panel returned a substantial verdict for the young lady.


Rostocki Law Firm Fights for 3-Year-Old Child Injured at Large Hardware Store

A young girl was injured while she was with her father at a large, national-chain hardware store in Philadelphia. The store had decided to keep sharp, heavy carpenters chisels which are used to tear through metal on the bottom shelf where they were easily reachable by children. As they walked down an aisle, the young girl reached out, grabbed a chisel, and dropped it on her hand, causing serious injuries. She was rushed to the hospital.  The Rostocki Law Firm fought the large, national company on behalf of the young girl and secured a significant settlement.


Rostocki Law Firm Obtains Maximum Amount for Pedestrian Hit by Car

The Rostocki Law Firm, L.L.C., represented a person who had been hit by a car while crossing the street.  The client had suffered serious injuries which had permanent consequences for her life.  She retained The Rostocki Law Firm, L.L.C. after a recommendation from a friend who was a former client.  After several months of litigation, The Rostocki Law
Firm, L.L.C. obtained a maximum settlement in her case.

Car Crash Litigation Yields Triple Settlement of Nearly $65,000

A young family was injured when their vehicle was T-boned at an intersection by another driver in Philadelphia, PA.  The Rostocki Law Firm, L.L.C. represented everyone who was in the car and secured a triple settlement of nearly $65,000.

Rostocki Law Firm Defends Landlord, Cuts Arbitration Award in Half

The Rostocki Law Firm, L.L.C. defended a landlord in a case in which the plaintiff claimed he had fallen down stairs on the landlord’s property and injured himself.  The landlord hired RLF after he was unsatisfied with the verdict of an arbitration panel.  The case proceeded to trial, where the landlord was represented by Dominik Rostocki, Esq., who was able to secure a verdict that cut the arbitration award in half.

Dominik Rostocki, Esq. Elected Vice President of Jagiellonian Law Society

Dominik Rostocki, Esq. was elected to the position of Vice President of the Jagiellonian Law Society at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors.  Mr. Rostocki has been an avid member of the JLS, a Polish legal society in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, for a number of years.  

Rostocki Writes Polish Language Article in Polish Newspaper

Dominik Rostocki has written an article about car insurance in a Polski Partner, a Polish-language newspaper based out of Philadelphia. The full article is available here:

Slip and Fall Case on Hospital Property Settled Day Before Trial

The Rostocki Law Firm, L.L.C. represented a client who had fallen on ice and injured herself while walking across hospital property in Philadelphia, PA.  Her injuries included a broken wrist and nerve injury.  Throughout several months of litigation, the hospital defended itself vigorously but The Rostocki Law Firm, L.L.C. forced it to resolve the case for a substantial sum the day before trial was scheduled to begin.

Dominik Rostocki, Esq., Will Again Be Participating in the Flag Football For the Kids Charity Tournament
Dominik Rostocki, Esq., will again be participating in the Flag Football For the Kids tournament. The tournament, sponsored by the Philadelphia Eagles and several local businesses, brings together some of the best flag football teams in the area to compete for the FFK Championship Trophy. All proceeds from the day-long event go to the Make a Wish Foundation. Last year Dominik’s team won the tournament and participated in sending a young girl with a serious illness to Disney World for the first time.

Dominik Rostocki, Esq., elected to the JLS Board of Directors
The firm is proud to announce that attorney Dominik Rostocki, Esq., has been elected to the Board of Directors for the Jagiellonian Law Society, a legal organization spanning Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Amusement Park Patron Settles Neck Injury Claim

Dominik Rostocki, Esq. participated in litigating the case of a 35 year old woman who sustained a serious neck injury on a roller coaster. The injury resulted in immediate paralysis. Neurosurgery was required to fuse the neck. The roller coaster lacked proper restraints to protect against the ride’s jarring side to side force’s placed on the rider’s neck as the ride moves through a series of sharp sideways turns.  The settlement was reached with the help of a neutral mediator just days before trial was to start. The terms are confidential.

Injured Special Forces Candidate Settles Motorcycle Defect Claim
After his leg was crushed by a falling motorcycle, an Army Special Forces candidate was successfully represented by Dominik Rostocki and another attorney.  The injuries ended his military career.   Investigation revealed that the motorcycle fell because its kickstand had failed.  A component part of the kick-stand had become bent making it prone to unpredictable failure. The part of the kick-stand that was bent was on the lowest point of the underside of the motorcycle where it could strike against objects or road debris. A comparative analysis found that better designs were available that easily and at no real cost could have protected the part from damage.

Woman Injured in Parking Lot Fall
Dominik Rostocki, Esq. represented a home health aide who fell on rocks in the parking lot of an apartment building in New Jersey. She suffered a broken elbow. The rocks had washed into the parking lot during a storm two days before, and the owners of the building had simply left them there instead of cleaning them up. Mr. Rostocki litigated the case and obtained a $55,000 settlement just days before trial was to start.

Man Suffers Severe Bedsore Due to Improper Care in Hospital
A man who developed a severe bedsore while under the care of a Philadelphia hospital was represented by Dominik Rostocki, Esq.  The firm's investigation found that the man’s care was substandard and resulting in the development of a  terrible bedsore. Mr. Rostocki lodged a claim against the hospital, and after lengthy negotiations, was able to obtain a sizeable settlement before any lawsuit was filed.

Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Hit and Run (Philadelphia)
Dominik Rostocki, Esq., represented a Polish man who was injured when a car struck him from behind while he was riding his bicycle in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. The driver of the car fled the scene before police arrived. A passerby had recorded his license plate. Because the injured man spoke only Polish, he had difficulty communicating with the Police.  His communication difficulties were resolved when he hired Dominik Rostocki, Esq., who speaks fluent Polish. After extensive investigation – including tracking down the passerby through 911 dispatch records -- Mr. Rostocki was able to secure the driver’s insurance information and negotiate a significant recovery.

Woman Injured on Defective Sidewalk On Way to Work (Philadelphia)
A woman was injured on her way to work when she fell due to a crack in the sidewalk in front of a convenience store. Dominik Rostocki, Esq. handled the case and secured a favorable verdict at arbitration. The defendant appealed the arbitration result, and the case went before a judge.  Mr. Rostocki tried the case to verdict and secured a verdict bigger than the arbitration award.


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