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Dangerous Products


If you think about it, we put a great deal of trust in companies to create safe products for our use.  Unfortunately, just because we trust them does not mean that companies always care about safety.  Too often these days, companies care more about their bottom line than the safety of their products.  When a company sells a product that is poorly designed, poorly manufactured or fails to properly warn a consumer about dangers associated with the product, and that product injures someone, the company can and should be held accountable.  The goal is not only to win the case for the sake of the injured person, but also to change company policy to make every user of that product safer.

By forcing companies to make sure their products are safe before they sell them to you,
we focus on making our communities safer.  Mr. Rostocki has litigated cases having to do with everything from defective motorcycles and cars to defective ladders. If you have been injured by a dangerous product, call us at 215-575-7624 or submit your case using our online form.


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