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"Operation Orange Squeeze:" PA State Police Hiding in Construction Vehicles to Catch Speeders



This summer, as part of "Operation Orange Squeeze," PA State Police are leaving their squad cars behind and hiding inside construction vehicles to catch drivers speeding in construction zones. Although these methods may seem questionable, the Pennsylvania State Police has confirmed the program. Motorists caught driving 11 mph or more over the speed limit in a work zone face $200+ in fines, an AUTOMATIC fifteen-day license suspension, and up to five points on their license.  Fines are DOUBLED in active work zones.  (Source:


Despite these potential consequences, most people have never heard of Operation Orange Squeeze.  SHARE this with your friends, get the word out, and drive safely out there. 


If you are caught by Operation Orange Squeeze, call The Rostocki Law Firm immediately at (215) 575-7624 or contact us through our website,

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